Note: The instruction card inside the box is being re-designed. These four steps will help get you started! Please contact us with questions.


The 4 Steps

(1) Open the battery compartment: Use the edge of the clasp (circled in red below) and insert into battery cover slot and twist.


(2) Change scale from Kilograms (kg) to Pounds (lb): Press the ON button. Then quickly press the ON button one more time to switch the units.



(3) Get an accurate scale reading: 

  1. Thread ribbon through luggage and attach clasp as shown in the first picture.
  2. Hold scale with one or two hands and keep it level throughout the weighing.
  3. The RED warning light will flash if you exceed 50 pounds (or 20 Kg).
  4. If you get confused, hold the ON button to turn off the unit. Then turn the unit back on.


(4) Don’t forget to measure your luggage if you want to carry it on the plane! Use the built-in measuring tape!


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